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How to eat healthy

More and more people are interested in food. They question the link between their diet and health. They wonder why it becomes difficult to learn about the issue. the sources, always more varied, proposing diets very different from each other one wonders how the ideas can so converge…one of the proposed solutions, a hypotoxic food, would be the most relevant solution. We will see here what are the main principles to begin to understand are functioning. Because, in fact, food is above all the four pillars of our health! And most importantly, it would be most related to our modern health problems.

According to forex trading Australia from one place you have to know that this scheme is within the reach of all. It is possible even if you are subject to allergies. The same is true if you have a vegetarian or vegan diet. “May your diet be your only medicine”. Inspired by this quote from Hippocrates, Dr. Seignalet will base his research. And indeed he discovered that the majority of chronic diseases come from the so-called “modern” diet. He followed many patients to whom he prescribed his diet. Many were cured or in remission … Dozens of diseases are reactive to the Seignalet method. So He had written a book he called “Food or Third Medicine”

First of all, who was Dr. Jean Seignalet? Biologist, researcher, intern of Montpellier hospitals, a lecturer at the Faculty of Medicine and pioneer of renal transplantation among others, Dr. Seignalet did not miss notoriety! In 1985 He became particularly interested in food and developed the diet that bears his name. Thanks to volunteer patients and his ability to conceive of the human body in a global way he could identify the origin of several chronic diseases and treat them.

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His method, also called hypotoxic diet, is inspired by human nutrition in the Paleolithic area. Whether you are a businessman, a busy man, or always trading 24/7 at nz forex sites, you need food. Food varied, we find no processed products, grilled or adding food additives. The generalization of food allergies or intolerance to gluten, sulfites, etc., is, unfortunately, the proof that our metabolism could not adapt to evolution. Ever faster evolution of our modern foods.

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