The Year’s Best Dressed

As the year winds down, we thought we’d take a moment to reflect on the year’s best-dressed. Without a doubt, you have your own favorites, but for today we’d like to recognize (in random order) the following ladies for the way they put themselves (sometimes with a little help) together. Nicole Richie We don’t... more →
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Can Technology Improve the Classroom?

Technology in the classroom immediately conjures up images of mobile phones going off and disrupting the learning, it has the potential to be so much more than that. It can be an essential tool, both in terms of educational resources and connecting with younger generations. Technology in the classroom improves engagement as students... more →
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Here’s Why Employee Monitoring is a Must for Every Organization

When it comes to monitoring employees, some people may believe that organizations or employers carry out this task only when they do not trust their employees. However, monitoring employees is not only about trust; it’s about other important things. With the help of cell phone spy technology, monitoring can take place in an organization. There... more →
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Adorn the Royalty with the Exclusive Mikimoto Pearl Necklace

Pearls have been the symbol of exquisite royalty for many years. These fabulous pieces also continued to be articles of uniqueness in different ethnic setups. Rarest pearls existed in the deep seas, and digging them from deep depths of such seas was seen as a dangerous occupation. Natural pearls were liked and preferred by women... more →
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How to eat healthy

More and more people are interested in food. They question the link between their diet and health. They wonder why it becomes difficult to learn about the issue. the sources, always more varied, proposing diets very different from each other one wonders how the ideas can so converge…one of the proposed solutions, a hypotoxic... more →
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