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All You Need To Know About A Guide To Making Fitness Fun

Everyone knows how hard it is to start a new fitness regime, especially if you find the gym dull and are notorious for letting fresh resolutions fail. Human habit is unfortunately very hard to break and it requires a strategic approach to make your new positive habits stick.

Get a routine

Experts believe that it takes at least 21 days for a person to form a new habit; therefore, the first thing to do is to commit to a routine. Make time for fitness and prioritize it.

Keep it small

A classic mistake is to suddenly really push yourself, feel amazing for the first few sessions, and then either sustain an injury or lose your will and give up. Rather than setting impossible goals, start with baby steps and add on incremental challenges; for example, if you can do 10 air squats now, try adding an extra one daily or work up to doing pistols. You don’t even need it to get fit!

Find friends

Social cohesion and a sense of community are powerful drivers of new habit adoptions. If you are a social animal, look at sports you can do collectively and meet new friends at the same time. Whether you get a buzz from doing rugby drills in the rain, learning to row with a new group of friends or playing a team ball sport with a social group, you will get more than just fitness benefits.

Work hard

Research suggests that short bursts of high-intensity training have the same benefits as prolonged, slow bursts. Look for sports that really get your heart pumping, and build in plenty of strength training.

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Focus on your diet

There is no point in creating a healthy fitness routine if your diet is terrible! You will see the majority of your health gains through eating nutritious, balanced food and by cutting out junk processed food. Minimize sugar, eat good fats, and focus on getting lean protein and plenty of vegetables and fruit. Drink water throughout the day and consider a good multivitamin and mineral supplement.

These small and enjoyable steps will equate to a powerful and positive change in your life that is built in a sustainable and scalable way.

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